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    Our customers deserve only the best Las Vegas cleaning service. If we do not meet the expectations agreed upon we will come back and clean the area again until you're satisfied.

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  • Carpet Cleaning Services

    When you engage a professional carpet cleaning service there are several things that could entitle you to a discount on the total cost, this could either be immediately or somewhere down the road if you keep working with them. Some of the things that could entitle you to a discount include multiple rooms cleaning, cleaning and returning on a regular basis and upholstery cleaning.

    Before signing a contract you can ask the company representative if you are entitled to any discount while soliciting a quotation. A discount will save you some money in your carpet cleaning cost. A number of sites online will also offer discount coupons, different discount deals and other potential saving avenues to home owners that can be claimed for Las Vegas, NV carpet cleaning services. Why should you pay the full price with a cleaning company with all these deals around?

    With time even your furniture will begin to have some wear and tear, this could be the best time to have it cleaned so that you can get a discount. Most companies will give a discount if you clean your carpet and furniture at the same time. An excellent professional job should restore your old couch and furniture almost to its original state. Of course you would want to replace it but sometimes there could be cost constraints. Instead of spending an upward of $500 why not commit a few hundreds to clean both your carpet and furniture.

    While it may be that your Las Vegas carpet cleaning provider will offer one upfront fee that will cover all the basic costs, there are some other add on costs that could arise as part of carpet cleaning extras.

    The first type of extra is targeted spot cleaning. Take an example where your carpet has a stain that will not go away with the general cleaning. This may require further cleaning or follow up to get rid of it. The provision for this cost could be covered in the initial contract but as a homeowner it is important to understand what exactly you are paying for. This is because the contract may be vague about any carpet cleaning extra costs.

    Under these costs companies may have extras such as dyeing and color repair, including steam and dry cleaning services. For a certain fee which can be assessed at an hourly rate the cleaning company can correct your carpet discoloration due to a stain and restore it to the original color. You can ask around for references and service guarantees if you opt for cleaning extras. The total cost of cleaning your carpet will depend on how the cleaning company sets its prices, the type of cleaning service you want and the number of extra services you need done. Despite what they charge however, the cleaning service should provide you with a clear, transparent invoice of what they owe the provider. The invoice should easily be easily understandable so at to avoid conflict.

    How carpet cleaning companies set pricing for their services will differ from house to house. Because your house will vary in size to the next house or that your house may have different types of carpets from the next house there is no ‘one size’ to fit all pricing option for carpet cleaning prices. What you can get across the board however is two common ways that companies use to determine the price. Las Vegas professional carpet cleaners may charge for every room they clean. This means that they will provide you a flat fee for every room that they clean. This kind of pricing will include a size cap; one room may be treated as two if its measurements are over the predetermined maximum square footage. The cleaning company will typically charge for moving furniture as an extra cost. If you want the carpet cleaning prices to be charged to a minimum then you might have to move your own furniture.

    The most average cleaning price to pay is around $25 to $75 for each room, this cost has been seen to vary depending on the location of the house. Living in a more exclusive neighborhood may cost more than a more populated area.

    Besides charging per room, cleaning companies may also charge for every square foot they clean. If you live in a small house your space is considered less economical to clean considering that the cleaning company will have to transport equipment to your home and also buy suppliers. So that they can recover these costs your house will cost more to clean than a bigger house.

    The worst carpet nightmare is staining, you do not know whether you should cover it up with furniture or whether you should just pull the carpet out. If you stain your carpet getting the stains removed by a professional during cleaning will count as an extra cost to you and will not count as part of the standard cost. This means that you will pay extra for stain removal. The cost will also vary depending on the size of the stain to your carpet. For example, if you have a pet stain, it will cost you more than most stains because this kind of stain penetrates deeper into the carpet fibers and would require more time to extract.

    Compare this to a lighter stain like a food spill which requires less effort and time to remove and will therefore cost you less. Stain removal should cost you anywhere from $40 to $330 and as we have said depending on the depth and size.

    You can remove some of the stains by yourself if you want to keep your costs down. Let us go back to the pet stain, if you want to remove it by yourself first clean the mess and debris. Then blot the carpet until the carpet feels dry and the stain is almost removed. Moisten the stained area with water and a pet stains remover ideally designed for cleaning carpets. Finally mix white vinegar together with warm water then spray on the area, blot it out till dry.