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  • 5 Factors That Will Affect How Much a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Charges

    3 Mar 2017 | blog | admin

  • Professional carpet cleaning services are available for any home or building that has carpet – rental properties, multi-unit buildings, homes, commercial offices, commercial spaces, etc. These professional services will analyze the carpet to clean and determine which method – steam cleaning, dry cleaning, etc. – is best for the area. 

    How much will a professional carpet cleaning service cost you? There are an array of factors that go into this.  These professionals will handle the general cleaning while also focus on getting rid of nasty, lingering odors. They’ll deal with stains that pets, oil, grease, food and other things leave behind.

    What Affects the Price You’ll Pay a Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

    Square Footage

    The biggest factor that professional cleaners take into consideration is the carpet’s square footage. How much carpet space must the cleaners address? These prices can range from 20 cents to 50 cents a square foot, depending on your location. Some carpet cleaning professionals charge a minimum rate, so their resources and time are properly covered.

    Building Layout

    If you want to clean all the carpeted rooms of your home office, you’ll end up paying more for the service. Many carpet cleaners charge per room. If the room is bigger than average, you’ll pay more for the cleaning such as being charged for two rooms instead of one.  Some cleaning companies have a minimum of a certain number of rooms for cleaning at a set rate per room.

    Carpeted Stairs

    There are many homes and offices that have carpeted stairs. These have to be cleaned as well, generally with special tools. Cleaning carpeted stairs often illicit a higher price per square foot compared to the standard price you’d pay for flat room carpets.

    Difficult or Pet Stains and Odors

    If your carpet has been subjected to pets or there are difficult to remove odors and stains, the professional carpet cleaners may determine that special products and more time are warranted to treat the area properly. If this is the case, you can expect to pay a little more for their services. For instance, some companies will use the steam cleaning method to address the problem. This will warrant a higher fee.

    Type of Carpet You Have

    Your carpet’s fiber, density and type will also weigh heavily into the cleaning cost. Dense carpet fibers tend to be extremely resistant to stains while man-made fibers are much easier to care for.

    For instance, wool carpets can be easily cleaned but are extremely sensitive to water and need much more attention to care for properly. This may warrant the professional service to charge a higher price to clean the carpet. 

    Bear in mind that a majority of professional carpet cleaning services use steam cleaning machines to care for carpet properly.

    How to Save Yourself Money

    If you have furniture in a room where the carpet will be cleaned, the professional carpet cleaners can move it for you for an additional fee. Save yourself money by moving these items for yourself before they come in and clean the carpet.