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  • Should You Clean Your Carpets Yourself or Use a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

    3 Mar 2017 | blog | admin

  • People who have very dirty carpets have the option to clean the carpets for themselves or hire a professional carpet cleaning services to take care of it. Most people vacuum their floors – or at the very least – broom it. However, neither one of these methods is ideal in getting rid of the deep stains that have set in.

    All carpets reach a point in their life where vacuuming isn’t going to bring back the carpet’s natural beauty and appearance.  Deep cleaning is a necessity at this point.

    When You Should Deep Clean Your Carpet

    There are three primary reasons deep cleanings become necessary:

    • The carpet no longer looks like the showroom carpet you bought
    • It has become matted and sticky
    • It has stains from food, drinks, pets, etc.

    Should You Rent A Machine or Bring In Professionals

    Many people go with the carpet and rug cleaning machine that can rent from home improvement stores or purchase their own. These stores offer many cleaning chemicals that will eliminate the smell and stains that have soaked into the carpet.

    A majority of these machines work similarly, with very little difference between them. In fact, the cleaning chemicals tend to be similar. Most of these machines can remove minor stains, but the deep-rooted stains and odors need the professional touch to get rid of.

    There are some problems that need the experience of a professional carpet cleaner. For instance, pet stains can be a real issue. Retail machines only address surface stains; pet stains go much deeper into the carpet. They can get into the padding and floor. Professionals have the cleaning tools and chemicals that can get to the carpet’s roots and the flooring under it.

    You may know how to clean a carpet properly, but knowing and actually pulling it off are two different things. If you don’t have the tools or chemicals, your knowledge isn’t going to eliminate the carpet’s problems.

    What Kind Of Cost Could You Expect To Pay

    Carpet cleaning costs will depend on if you’re using a machine to clean the carpet yourself or if you’ve hired a professional team to do it for you. If you go the do-it-yourself route, you’ll pay around $20 a day for the machine and around $13 for a half-gallon of chemical concentrate. If you clean the whole house, you’ll have to use multiple bottoms. Spot cleaners and pet odor removers run around $5 a bottle.

    You don’t know how much solution your carpet is going to need, so you won’t know the exact costs. On the other hand, you know how much a professional carpet cleaning service will charge. If your carpet is 650 square feet, you’ll spend around $250 for chemical cleaning and an additional $200 for hot water extraction.

    This cost difference can be tremendous along with the results. After all, professional carpet cleaners will use two methods to deep clean a carpet. The techniques they use is dependent upon the equipment used.

    If your carpets are significantly stained or there’s a smell that lingers, a store rental machine won’t do you much good. You’ll need to hire a professional carpet cleaner to handle the problem.