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  • Steam Cleaning vs. Chemical Cleaning: Which Method Of Carpet Cleaning Is Better?

    2 Mar 2017 | blog | admin

  • If you have carpets, you know how important it is to your health to get them cleaned. If someone in your household suffers from allergies, it’s even more important to get your carpets cleaned. But, what’s the best way to do this?

    Should you steam clean your carpets or chemical treat them?

    In order to make the decision for your home, it’s best to understand both carpet cleaning techniques. What are their pros and cons? From the information, you can discern what method of carpet cleaning is best for you, your family and those who visit your home.

    ​A Look At Steam Cleaning

    Steam cleaning, which is also called deep cleaning, will remove roughly 97% of bacteria and dirt from a carpet. It’s the surefire method to get into the lower part of the carpet – to ensure it’s cleaned thoroughly. It is the best way to deal with difficult to remove strains.

    The ability to get deep into the carpet to remove dirt and bacteria is only one thing to consider. Steam cleaning uses very high-temperature water, which means the carpet takes a little longer to dry after the treatment. In fact, it can take between 45 minutes to many hours after the treatment for the carpet to dry, usually dependent on two things:

    • Carpet thickness
    • Cleaner’s extraction system

    There have been many cases where carpets are still a bit damp the day after the treatment. If access is needed immediately, you may want to go with another cleaning method.

    A Look At Chemical Carpet Cleaning

    Chemical cleaning is means you use a chemical solution to extract the dirt from the carpet. Some solutions are noted as being “dry” shampoos, but that’s a lightly used term. They’re not dry, but don’t need as much water as the steam cleaning method. Chemical cleaning methods will dry faster because there’s not a lot of moisture to vaporize.

    Like the steam cleaning method, there are other reasons to consider before you settle on the chemical cleaning method. For instance:

    • The chemical options deal with just the top layer, which means the deep stains of your carpet are not addressed.
    • Chemical residue is not uncommon, meaning your household are exposed to them. It’s important you know what chemicals the company has used before you use the product.

    If you’re concerned about the chemical exposure, you may want to go with the steam cleaning option.

    Which method should you go with? It will depend on what your needs are and what concerns you have. There have been legit arguments to both methods. Don’t forget that cost will play a role in your choice as well.

    But, no matter what method you go with, make sure you pick a trustworthy product/service that has shown results. If you need a little help, get recommendations from family and friends – it’ll help you to find the best carpet cleaner for your home.